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A little about us

   East Side Plating, Inc. began in 1946 with the driving strategy to plate everything manufactured in the Portland area. We have since grown from one 4,800 square foot building to five buildings with more than 130,000 square feet and provide finishing for many manufacturers nationwide. We have broadened our finishing process to include Powder Coating and many other value added services.

   Our growth, including around 200 employees, has put East Side Plating, Inc. among the largest job shop metal finishers in the nation. Our growth has resulted from our strong commitment to surface finishing excellence, and meeting the needs of our customers.

   Though our company has grown, East Side Plating is proud to be a part of your production no matter how large or small. We strive to create a personal relationship with all our customers regardless of size.


Quality in Everything We Do

    The goal of achieving high quality is built into all processes at ESP. Our testing and analysis  department utilize the latest testing equipment which is inspected and calibrated systematically. Our in-house chemist and staff provide the necessary technical support to keep over 100 process tanks in their controlled limits.   

   Quality is evident in every activity from adhering to client specifications on simple parts to meeting demanding requirements on very complex jobs.

   Individual part process plans are developed before jobs are processed to ensure that client specifications are met consistently.

   Training is a priority! When it comes right down to it, our people make it happen.

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